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Pattern Park Reviewed Flex Application Frameworks PureMVC winner

November 20th, 2007 | By Cedric

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I have read and listened recently about a really interesting review on Application Frameworks for Flex. I was happy to see that my choice of using PureMVC several months ago was relevant…

Application Frameworks for Flex comparison

Silvafug, the Silicon Valley Flex User Group has had a presentation by Luke Bayes and Ali Mills from Pattern Park about Flex Application Frameworks review. This is presented for the first time. They tested Cairngorm, PureMVC, ARP, MVCS, Flest, Model-Glue: Flex, ServerBox Foundry, Guasax, and Slide.

They built their report on following key points:
A: Approachability: documentation, adoption, active community, shared knowledge.
B: Scalability: testable, clear encapsulation, accommodates change, support parallel development, modular applications.
C: Flexibility: open-source licence, context independent.

You can check the full Adobe Connect Session of this presentation. They did not finish their presentation, because an open discussion started. It is a pity that they did not show their timed comparison between Cairngorm and PureMVC. By the way the discussion is also interesting.

Results of Luke Bayes and Ali Mills review of Flex application frameworks

Their results is that Cairngorm, officially supported by Adobe, is the best way nowadays to cooperate with a wide range of consultants around the world. But they showed that PureMVC Application Framework is the one which best fulfil approachability, scalability and flexibility. Their piece of advice is then to go firstly with Cairngorm, but to learn and to use PureMVC as much as the context allows it because they consider it is the best one. PureMVC was built by Cliff Hall, a very experienced Project Architect. He started to develop PureMVC after having a broad commercial experience of Cairngorm. This can explain why PureMVC is so good and so smart addressing drawbacks of Cairngorm.

analogd use PureMVC, my experience.

I personally choose this framework few month ago during analogdesign’s transition phase to Actionscript 3. After several months of use in a commercial context for Flex and AIR development, it revealed to be amazingly efficient, flexible and clean. It deserves its denomination of pure, everything is well organised based on the role of each element in a complete respect of the Model View Controller pattern and integrate most of Gang of Four design patterns. It has also the advantage to remain independent, to lighten at the maximum the logic within views (MXML files) and delegate all business tasks. It also manages very well events by keeping them within the outer bounds of the Framework. It adds also another level of abstraction to communicate events (named notifications) through the Framework. It avoids a cumbersome spaghettis’ plate of events which may occur sometimes with development only based on official Flex events. Moreover, PureMVC has a test suite API to allow corresponding Unit Testing and on the long run seems to be very stable (the core is simple not much modification to occur which may break your apps). Last but not least, PureMVC has an excellent documentation made by people who are very efficient to communicate complex information and devoted to answer in detail every question on their forum. They are also setting up a courseware which I am currently Beta testing.

Conclusion which application frame to choose for flex

My piece of advice is that you should have a look at this framework at, even if you are a very experienced Cairngorm user, it does not take much time to check the main documentation which is very well written. I will prepare soon a generic Model for PureMVC to be used on Enterprise Architect (which I will review shortly). Do not hesitate to drop me a line on this subject.


Alex Uhlmann has plenty of articles on using Cairngom efficiently.
Thomas Burleson made several points on problems caused by Cairngorm and made multiple proposition to improve it.
Derrick Grigg made very interesting suggestions on diverse points.

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