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My social networks accounts

October 20th, 2012 | By Cedric

Main Twitter account:

Recently most of my social activities have been being in micro-blogging. I had a limited amount of time to write in depth blog posts, but I was still having a lot to share from readings and experiments. I am currently at the verge of 1000 posts on my main @maddec303 Twitter account. I post to this my daily activity, readings, thoughts and references. @maddec303 is mostly about technology, software architecture, UIX, development and design.

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Additional specialized Twitter accounts

Along this personal account, I have other specialized accounts. I feel it makes more sense this way than to put everything into one account. Even if I post about subjects that are slightly out of my regular focus from time to time, it is more comfortable for followers when it follows a constant path (not doing this made me lose some of my followers). The least I can do is to make followers receive info for which they followed initially.

Here are my other Twitter accounts, please feel free to follow:

  • User Experience Design UX, Design Thinking, Interaction Design, Customer Experience Design:

  • Emerging techs, Augmented Reality (AR), Gestural interface, Location based interactivity:

  • Video Games, Games industry, Games dev, Games news, Retro Gaming:

  • Geek news, new devices:

Other social networks

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Vintage Flash Users Group launched on LinkedIn.

September 22nd, 2008 | By Cedric

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LinkedIn Vintage Flash User Group (VFUG)

I have started this LinkedIn Group a while ago, nothing has been happening sofar. But more are being to come in upcoming months. Currently it is in a growing phase to invite and gather people who has been working, developing, creating and living with Flash for a long time.

When history evaporate.

I decided to launch this group following past reflexions on the loss of internet production through the time. Traces disappear, micro site, website, experiments are not available for very long, while things written and painted centuries and millenium ago are still readable and enjoyable, what about Interactive Online products? Today the easiest way to find information about websites or campaigns made 5 years ago is to buy a book, if any exists. Personnally speaking I feel that Flash brought with each new “issue” new tools which changed the nature of creations and developments within internet production.
As I mentionned numerous time I am part of the early user of Flash technology. In few days I will celebrate my tenth year of Flash design (I mean commercial use). To celebrate this occasion, I decided to start this group.


Here is the leitmotiv of the Vintage Flash User Group:
“This group is dedicated to gather people who developed or/and designed commercial Flash projects whether from FutureSplash or before Macromedia Flash 6. Preferabily people are still working in this industry (with or without Flash/Flex) to share anecdotes, gather vintage products in a museum,…”

Become a member

I may also setup a face to face meeting at Adobe Max Europe 2008 sometime to meet people interested in the matter. More on this later….

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