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Adobe MAX Optimizing ActionScript 3.0 Performance

October 14th, 2007 | By Cedric

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Unfortunately analogd/I will not have time enough to go to Adobe MAX Europe this year. I have a lot of regrets about that, but it does not match my planning for this time. By the way I will keep a close eye on everything which will happen around Adobe MAX Europe and make bounce it here on analogdesign’s blog.
A colleague of the Adobe User Group, Cedric Tabin ( ch package rocks icon wink Adobe MAX Optimizing ActionScript 3.0 Performance image ) will held a conference on Tuesday, October 16 2:45 pm – 3:45 pm. He is a famous moderator within the French community Mediabox and is the author between other wonderful releases and tools of Masapi, the massloading API. Masapi is an API which allows you to load multiple external resources of diverse kind automatically and simply. It has also advanced features like support for hierarchical/dependancies loading, caching options, overall progress and more. I am currently testing its implementation in a project working on pureMVC framework. More about it coming soon here.

I strongly recommend that you attend to his conference on Optimizing ActionScript 3.0 Performance at Adobe MAX Europe, he may also give few points and answers about Masapi Massloader API.

Optimizing ActionScript 3.0 Performance

Performance optimization is a subject that has always been around Flash development. The problem is that it is sometimes difficult to gather information and to have reliable piece information. For example, I followed the Papervision3d mailing list for almost a year now. Reading it, I have learnt a lot of performance improvements. It is after all natural that projects which push forward limits of Flash/Flex, looks for advanced techniques and benchmark session to reach the quickest engine possible. People of Sandy, Away3d, Papervision3d 3d engines have spent a lot of time testing and benchmarking performances. In addition, There are also people developing games engines who need to perform such profiling sessions.The package “AS3 Data Structures For Game Developers” by Polygonal is an excellent reliable base to start build efficient games engines. As you can guess define and find Code Optimisation techniques is a time consuming activity and mostly done in a context of engines strongly dependant on wan milliseconds of operation.

Gathered information on Optimisation Techniques are inestimable

As I discussed the subject with him, Cedric Tabin told me that he made himself a lot of benchmark comparison added to his personal knowledge of Flash to prepare his conference. Everything is gathered in one presentation, so, if you are at Adobe MAX Europe, you should jump on to the opportunity to grab these inestimable pieces of information. There had been during Adobe Max Chicago also two sessions related to Code Optimisation for Actionscript 3.0 and Best practices held by people from, I think it is worth checking it.

Optimizing ActionScript 3.0 Performance – Jun Heider
Best Practices for Developing with ActionScript 3 – David Hassoun

They held a conference on a related subject at 360 flex 2007: Memory Management for Flex/Apollo Developers – Jun Heider.

Here is a short teaser example to Cedric Tabin’s conference: about Numbers, int and uint. When true int and uint in Actionscript 3.0 appeared people enjoyed this new feature as being a way to decrease memory usage. However it is not true in every situation, all is related to the context in which they are used …

More to come and enjoy your Adobe MAX!

I will post on analogdesign blog more information about Adobe MAX Optimizing ActionScript 3.0 Performance and Masapi massloading api conference soon. If you are a lucky participant of Adobe MAX Europe enjoy your time there! Do not miss Cedric Tabin presentation, but also every conferences from famous speakers like Aral Balkan, Mario Klingemannn, Erik Nazke. I had really good time at Spark Amsterdam two years ago attending to their conferences and meeting them, it was very inspiring !

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