8 tools to save money daily series: seventh Xobni

February 3rd, 2011 | By Cedric Madelaine

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There are tools or application or software, even small, that change the way you work or the way you think/create. You will find in this series a classification which list the best for me, some of these tools are just useful software to perform specific tasks, some changed the way I work or create, all in all the ROI is huge. Of course this is very personal and depends on the field you work in.
I classified my favorites starting from the one I use currently the least or has the least influence among all program I use every day (8) to the application I use the most or which has the most influence on my daily work (1). I have excluded big software like Adobe Creative Suite, for instance, to focus on small pieces of software between them that makes the great difference in a daily work practice.
I observed that often this kind of classification are just copy/paste from each official website. I give here my true hands-on practice of each preferred application or tools or software out of any official marketing message. I explain simply from my perspective why I think they are the best and what I feel it is useful and helpful and efficient.

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7: Xobni:

Platform: PC
Price: free or advanced version
Field: e-mails and contact management
Is a Plugin: yes, for outlook
Mobile version: no
Software a service: yes

Xobni integrates beautifully within MS Outlook. It adds a new panel were you can browse/search within your contacts and received e-mail. I feel it is especially useful to:
- ultra quickly search in your contacts and e-mails (has its own indexation mechanism)
- gather as conversation e-mails exchanged with the same sender/subject, preview e-mails received as stack with text length modifiable
- when a contact is selected direct integration of his or her social networks activity like Twitter or Facebook
This is a very popular plug-in, I guess that their original viral integration (tell a friend,…) takes a big credit of this success.

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xobni free outlook plugin to be efficient with adress book contact and emails

Stay tuned for other posts in this series for more time and money saved !

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