Robert Penner’s easing equations visualisation

September 17th, 2007 | By Cedric Madelaine

TweenerPennerEasing Robert Penners easing equations visualisation image
spacer Robert Penners easing equations visualisation image
Osflash Tweener has just published documents to visualize Robert Penner’s easing equations.
Even if you use Fuse or other Tweening class based on Robert Penner’s equations, it can be used to visualise the behaviour of easings and to compare them together.
Just in one eye catch you can preview them as you would in custom Ease In/Out dialog in Flash or in other softwares like Adobe After Effects.
Download it on look for: Printable Transition Cheat Sheets in PDF and SWF formats. By the way on the same subject Moses Gunesch author of tweening kit Fuse released Months ago a Custom Easing Tool which is given with Fuse Kit. It allows you to draw your own easing curves and export them to be used as easing equations. Tweener is for Actionscript 1,2,3, whereas Fuse currently is only Actionscipt 2.
spacer Robert Penners easing equations visualisation image

Welcome to analogd’s blog

September 13th, 2007 | By Cedric Madelaine

postImage 01 Welcome to analogds blog image

I am pleased to announce the opening of analogdesign’s blog/lab. This is the first post.

This blog will be focused on my experiments with on the edge technology and creation related to Adobe Flash. I will also reference the most ground breaking experiments and creations seen within the Fla community.
It will also announce new commercial release by analogdesign and present vintage projects by analogdesign.

Period of creative enthusiasm
The Flash community is leaving for several months a new enthusiasm thanks to the beta then the official release of AVM2 and Actionscript 3. This remembers me the time when I started working with Flash 3 in September 1998. It opened so many possibilities at this time, a complete new area to explore and to work with as a new creative mean. People who worked at this time felt really like explorers, no much resource to refer to (before Colin Moock book), huge amount of time lost in the inconvenient Flash Api, especially in the programming dialog, numerous bugs to work around, etc. But despite these drawbacks, people pushed forward their creation behind what Flash was intended to do. This started the movement of a community which professionalized its approach and products along Flash version and plugins’ installation spreading.

Nowadays Flash has started a new era and I can feel this enthusiasm in amazing experiments and release I see every day in my internet wandering. I feel myself this extra touch of enthusiasm in my current experiments and creations. This is why I decided it was the right time to open a place where to present them.