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Papervision3D Demo: move Pivot-Axis only

June 20th, 2008 | By Cedric Madelaine

022 pivot3d Papervision3D Demo: move Pivot Axis only  image
spacer Papervision3D Demo: move Pivot Axis only  image
Free pivot!
If you are familiar with 3d modelling softwares you are used to “pivot only” manipulation. It allows pivots to be aligned within a 3d object depending of min, center, max,(or free) on x,y,z axis relative to its corresponding object. It is crucial to manipulate and visualise pivot location especially when manipulating and animating complex objects or doing advanced animations. I miss this in Papervision3D, since the first time I put hands on it one year and a half ago.

Manipulating Pivot in Papervision3d

(using Public Alpha 2.0 – Great White (24.03.08)) To change pivot location of a DisplayObject3D, you need to take the problem reverse. The pivot is not an independant object which can be manipulated freely within an object, you need to use a wrapper DisplayObject3D used only as a base pivot and to which you will add other DisplayObject3D. You will create a container DisplayerObject3D and then move your DisplayObject3D inside it. The pivot remains in the center of your container/wrapper.
For example, cube A, the pivot is by default centered on x,y,z in Papervision3D. You’d like that the pivot of cube A is placed at the front top corner (x:0,y:0,z:0). Theorical solution(cf 3d softwares): move the pivot
only within the object. Real Solution(Pv3d): you add cube A to a new DisplayObject3D and then move your cube A of half its width, height and length.

The demo

I made a simple PivotObject class which represent visually a pivot point and a pivot group allowing positioning pivot within a group like in 3d modelling softwares.
The concept is to use a DisplayObject3D aka a “pivot group”. A pivot 3d object is built as a temporary visualisation helper at development time, afterwards it is removed at production time. I have set up this demo as a proof of concept. I am going to publish corresponding classes as soon as I have cleaned everything. So stay tuned!

spacer Papervision3D Demo: move Pivot Axis only  image
022 preview Papervision3D Demo: move Pivot Axis only  image
spacer Papervision3D Demo: move Pivot Axis only  image

Go ASAP Tweens & Video Tutorials

February 27th, 2008 | By Cedric Madelaine

goasap 016 Go ASAP Tweens & Video Tutorials image
spacer Go ASAP Tweens & Video Tutorials image

Go! asap! Tween!

So what ? You did not try GOASAP yet? You should definitely give it a try. analogd, I have been using it for weeks with Adobe Flex 3 Beta and AIR Beta and I must say that it is as good as I guessed in my first post about GOASAP animation framework. .

Go tweening framework video tutorials serie started

Moses Gunesch its author just started a serie of video which will bring you through simple steps to the wonderful world of GOASAP. To start with, you should check this one, it is very clear and will give you a good introduction to the world of Goasap.

Go asap Forward tweening

Things have evolved since my first post about goasap. Donovan Adams from published Hydrotween a tween parser made for GOASAP, it currently supports every basic features of Fuse Objects and also give control on filters related properties like blur dropshadows, glow and few additional useful things like volume, pan, text. Donovan also started PapervisionTween which gives you control on Papervision3d 2.0 properties (basic at the moment). I used Fuse with Actionscript 2 to tween papervision objects properties for example in this small commercial project and it performed very well. I am looking forward to trying Donovan’s class. Moses Gunesch started its simple Tween BlockTweenMG and related parser BlockParserMG. He is preparing a video tutorial about it. Personally I have started working on my own tween focused on ColorMatrix and bitmap manipulations. The GOASAP community is structuring, a SVN server will be setup to gather related goasap projects and code samples.

Go asap afterword reverse transition

You used Fuse with Actionscript 2? Go with Goasap Animation framework for Actionscript 3, it is even better, more flexible and of course quicker. In the future it will provide you support for Physic Engines and Collada within the same well-thought animation framework.
When I am writing these lines Go is version 0.4.4 and the official site has been redesigned.

Edit 01: The second video tutorial is available now: #2 Build a Fuse-like Tween & Sequence Parser in Minutes .
spacer Go ASAP Tweens & Video Tutorials image