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The death of hd-dvd

February 27th, 2008 | By Cedric Madelaine

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This is the end. HD DVD is dead

Toshiba HD DVD technology is dead in favour of Sony Blu-ray technology. Toshiba announced the 19th. of February that they will stop producing HD-DVD players/burners. I read that Toshiba certainly suffered from agreements made between Sony and the film industry and the poor adoption rate, between other causes. Figures mentioned during Toshiba’s announcement conference are the following : HD-DVD: 1.3 million customers (including XBOX users)
Blur ray: +10 millions customers.

Sony, the Revenge Beta

I have read at the beginning of this year analysts reports about the fact that the competition between Blu-ray and HD-DVD may take over two years to set out a winner. It was, by far, quicker! Sony has finally its revenge to its eighties defeat versus JVC in the format war. It lost at that time with its Betamax technology (which paradoxally was better) against VHS JVC. Do you remember VHS? icon wink The death of hd dvd image If you do not have a Blu-ray disk player/burner yet because you were not sure about which technology to choose, it is time to buy one. You may also buy a VHS recorder, but it may be a bit unpractical to take one with you for your laptop…

The death of Blu-ray

It has been a lot of buzz recently on streaming technologies which are advertised as HD quality and which are said to avoid people to buy media on physical discs and may announce the defeat of Blu-ray for the future. But as far as I read it is far from the truth and these services cannot be true HD because, of course, current networks and user connections’ speed. By the way I guess that in the future Physical format, at least for entertainment will disappear in favour of data written into huge hard disks or online shared servers.
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Adobe Labs new beta 3 available

December 13th, 2007 | By Cedric Madelaine

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Adobe published today the final Beta for Flex and for Adobe AIR. Now available on Labs is Adobe Flex 3 beta3 and Adobe AIR beta 3 (M6). These updates will be the last one for the beta versions of these softwares. I guess we will have to be very patient before the final commercialisation of Flex 3 and AIR 1.0 which should appear within the end of February. It is the final polishing of Flex 3 which was already during the beta phase very stable. It annonces also the last bunch of features addition, prefinal distribution scheme and polishing of Adobe AIR: .

They also introduce Brio, a lightweight version of Acrobat connect (ex-Breeze). It is a simple solution to connect with up to 3 people for free (and certainly more for a small fee), to cooperate and/or to share conferences. It is working on Cocomo server framework. Brio with its simple features is targeting basic users where the next release of Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional will target advanced users. I still wonder if the company will rename this solution, by the way I really liked the name Breeze, but I understand they choose to go with the widely recognised brand Acrobat.

Adobe this year widen hugely their development ranges, it is a very promising 2008 year which is approaching, in addition to softwares mentioned above I am looking forward to testing Thermo and AdobeMoviePlayer groundbreaking features. As a warm-up you should have a look at Flash On and stay tuned on analogd’s blog for further experiments.
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