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Go ASAP Tweens & Video Tutorials

February 27th, 2008 | By Cedric Madelaine

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Go! asap! Tween!

So what ? You did not try GOASAP yet? You should definitely give it a try. analogd, I have been using it for weeks with Adobe Flex 3 Beta and AIR Beta and I must say that it is as good as I guessed in my first post about GOASAP animation framework. .

Go tweening framework video tutorials serie started

Moses Gunesch its author just started a serie of video which will bring you through simple steps to the wonderful world of GOASAP. To start with, you should check this one, it is very clear and will give you a good introduction to the world of Goasap.

Go asap Forward tweening

Things have evolved since my first post about goasap. Donovan Adams from published Hydrotween a tween parser made for GOASAP, it currently supports every basic features of Fuse Objects and also give control on filters related properties like blur dropshadows, glow and few additional useful things like volume, pan, text. Donovan also started PapervisionTween which gives you control on Papervision3d 2.0 properties (basic at the moment). I used Fuse with Actionscript 2 to tween papervision objects properties for example in this small commercial project and it performed very well. I am looking forward to trying Donovan’s class. Moses Gunesch started its simple Tween BlockTweenMG and related parser BlockParserMG. He is preparing a video tutorial about it. Personally I have started working on my own tween focused on ColorMatrix and bitmap manipulations. The GOASAP community is structuring, a SVN server will be setup to gather related goasap projects and code samples.

Go asap afterword reverse transition

You used Fuse with Actionscript 2? Go with Goasap Animation framework for Actionscript 3, it is even better, more flexible and of course quicker. In the future it will provide you support for Physic Engines and Collada within the same well-thought animation framework.
When I am writing these lines Go is version 0.4.4 and the official site has been redesigned.

Edit 01: The second video tutorial is available now: #2 Build a Fuse-like Tween & Sequence Parser in Minutes .
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Goasap Go Universal Generic Animation Platform AS3

December 18th, 2007 | By Cedric Madelaine

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Go! asap! Tweening transitions

Moses Gunesch has just released officially his new project, code named Go in reference to the asian traditional board game. Its full name/official package name is goasap (Go Actionscript Animation Platform).

Background of tweening for actionscript 2

For several months now, people were waiting for an AS3 version of Fuse Kit Tweening Package. Fuse is a very advanced, flexible, efficient and stable Tween engine including ZigoEngine, FuseEngine and Fuse effects. It is very famous within the Flash community and was implemented into projects for some of the most famous companies in the world including Nike, Amazon, NBC, Motorola. I/analogd have used it on numerous commercial projects and I can say that I have absolute trust in products incepted by Moses Gunesch.

New approach for programmed transition for as3

Strategically Moses Gunesch decided to work this time on a higher level of abstraction taking advantage of his past experience on Tweening engine optimisation and architecturing. Instead of working on another Tweening package for Actionscript 3, he decided to setup a standardised open approach for Tweening management. The objective is to propose a solid and efficient structure and engine to serve any programmatic Animation requirements. The proposed Generic Animation Platform allows you to use your favorite Tweening packages/Equations to produce whether simple or complex animations. Goasap target a medium to advanced audience. It is an open solution where you can setup your own syntax and complex mechanism involving for example bitmap manipulations or 3d animations or physics engine or 3d collada animations. It may be difficult for AS3 beginners to approach because it is not an all-in-one Tweening Package solution as was Fuse Kit for Actionscript 2. Go Asap is opened and extensible, it is designed to give great flexibility within a standardised platform. For example you may add managers of your own to the built-in OverlapManager or develop new personalised utils. Goasap will certainly generate enthusiasm within the community and numerous utils and tools will certainly enrich quickly base elements, which is part of strategic foundations of the generic Go Animation Platform.

First pulse: a transition framework

I remember reading one of the first post about Go Asap on the Fuse list. Moses Gunesch mentionned that its primary objective with Go asap was to develop a standardised approach for Animation management allowing to handle not only regular Linear Tweens but also Physic Engines. As far as I know it is the first time that both approaches are gathered within one system, and it is a very interesting approach because it can be sometimes difficult to manage both types gracefully. I also discovered that Moses Gunesch is planning to include Collada animation support. (Collada is a standard format based on XML to export from 3d softwares models and their animations. It is one of the corner stones of Papervision3d and Away 3d.)


The release of Go Actionscript Animation Package is great news for the Flash/Flex community. I feel that in the upcoming months more and more projects will involve mixture of 3d animations and Physics Engines and I am persuaded that GoAsap will leverage development complexity and animations efficiency. I am looking forward to implementing it.

Within the coming weeks I will make my first tests on Goasap in a Flex project working on PureMVC framework and post my results here. So stay RSS tuned on analogd’s blog.
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