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My social networks accounts

October 20th, 2012 | By Cedric Madelaine

Main Twitter account:

Recently most of my social activities have been being in micro-blogging. I had a limited amount of time to write in depth blog posts, but I was still having a lot to share from readings and experiments. I am currently at the verge of 1000 posts on my main @maddec303 Twitter account. I post to this my daily activity, readings, thoughts and references. @maddec303 is mostly about technology, software architecture, UIX, development and design.

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Additional specialized Twitter accounts

Along this personal account, I have other specialized accounts. I feel it makes more sense this way than to put everything into one account. Even if I post about subjects that are slightly out of my regular focus from time to time, it is more comfortable for followers when it follows a constant path (not doing this made me lose some of my followers). The least I can do is to make followers receive info for which they followed initially.

Here are my other Twitter accounts, please feel free to follow:

  • User Experience Design UX, Design Thinking, Interaction Design, Customer Experience Design:

  • Emerging techs, Augmented Reality (AR), Gestural interface, Location based interactivity:

  • Video Games, Games industry, Games dev, Games news, Retro Gaming:

  • Geek news, new devices:

Other social networks

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