analogd interactive is specialized in Adobe Flash Platform commercial products for 11 years.

“To produce innovative & creative interactive
products on-line, desktop, mobile or live.”

Contact: info[at]analogd[dot]com

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Flexible and adaptable architectures based on external assets.
User-friendly and intuitive interfaces.
Clear and dynamic animations.

Innovative concepts on the edge of trends and technical developments.

Art direction with aesthetic and style adapted to target audience.
High quality graphics with advanced information architecture, visual balance, typography and colors choice.


creative digital production

Interactive: dynamic & interactive websites, micro-sites, RIA, applications, iphone applications, Mobile applications, software, tools, cd-roms, dvd-roms, video games, interactive advertising, e-learning, wiiflash, swiif.
Animations: banners, mini-clips, jingles, teasers, conferences, educational.
Events: on site interactive installations, display concepts, visual live performances.


Our clients are within various fields including Luxury Industry, Sport, Food and Beverage, Consumer Electronics, International Organizations, TV Broadcasting, Entertainment, Music, Publishing.


• We work with Flash Platform 2010 NextGen: Flash Builder and Flash Catalyst since June 2009
• Durable products’ lifespan thanks to modular conception and latest technologies' use based on dynamic data
• Respect of Best Practices and international standards
• Standard Agile workflows, UML designs for development, code engineering and documentation
• Efficient Architecturing of products using application Frameworks like Cairngorm or PureMVC
• Solid Programming structure Full OOP with Design Patterns
Adobe Flex/AIR, MDM Zinc for ubiquitous and powerful desktop connected software
• Real time 3D in Flash with PaperVision3d or Away3d
• Advanced liquid display management to make content adapt to targeted screen proportions
• Strong debug, profiling, optimization and tests procedures
• Flexible animations/transitions management with Tweening packs like GoAsap or Tweener, use of 3D Physic Engines, Collada or MD2 3D animation.
• Innovative creative concepts on the edge of technical trends and evolutions (eg. Augmented Reality AR, Gestural Apps, ...)


Direct order.
Cooperation with agencies.
Freelance on project.
Creative direction and consulting.

Contact: info[at]analogd[dot]com


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